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              公司高度重視自主創新,走精準化、特色化育種之路。擁有三大科研平臺——“安徽省博士后科研工作站”、“合肥市鮮食玉米工程技術研究中心”和 “合肥華韻生物技術研究所”,同時與國內多所著名高校及科研機構建立了穩定的合作關系,并取得了多項成果:自主選育了30多個品種、15個省審不育系,獲得18項省科學技術研究成果、9項專利,有15項科研成果獲農業部植物新品種保護。公司目前是安徽農業大學研究生專業實踐基地和產學研基地、安徽科技學院教育實習基地。
              Anhui Huayun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (AHBTC) was established in 2006 with a registered capital of 30million RMB. It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise which is committed to the research and development, production and business of crop seeds and edible fungi,  agricultural products and chemicals selling, modern agricultural service,which owns the import and export license for the production and operation of crop seeds and the agricultural chemicals business license.    
              AHBTC has been awarded as the National High-tech Enterprise, AAA Credit Enterprise of Seed Industry of China, and the honorary titles of innovative enterprises in Hefei, innovative pilot enterprises in Anhui Province and Hefei Leading Enterprises of Agricultural Industrialization. Its products are identified through ISO quality management system, and enjoy the honors of First Prize in Scientific and Technological Progress of Hefei, Top Ten Favorite Seed Brands of Farmers in Anhui Province, the Famous Trademark of Anhui Province.
              The company has three subsidiaries, including Anhui Hui’er Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., Anhui Qimin Jisheng Seed Industry Co., Ltd.and Hefei Shuangfeng Seed Co., Ltd.. In 2017, our company initiated and founded the Hefei Strategic Alliance of Technological Innovation of Seed Industry (Southeast Asia),and served as the chairman unit of the alliance. In 2019, our company became one of the first group of enterprises listed on the STAR Market of Anhui Province, Stock Code: 612522.
              AHBTC puts a high value on independent innovation with its scientific research always oriented towards precision and specialty in breeding. With strong research ability, we boast  three scientific research institutions: Provincial Postdoctoral R,esearch Station, Hefei Engineering Research Center of Corn authorized by Hefei Government, and a self-owned Hefei Huayun Bio-Tec Institution. In the meantime, we have established stable cooperative relations with many famous universities and research institutes in China and many achievements have been obtained.We owning more than 30 new varieties and 15 provincial rice sterile lines, 18 provincial scientific and technological achievements,9 patents and 17 varieties which are in the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (Ministry of Agriculture). Now we’re appointed as the Professional Graduate Practice Base and the Production, Teaching and Research Base of Anhui Agricultural University,the Educational Practice Base of Anhui University of Science and Technology. 
              Since 2016, the company has been actively exploring the international market and seeking a broader way of development. At present, the company has established cooperation relationships with agricultural departments and related enterprises in Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Angola, Benin and other countries in technical exchanges, scientific research, personnel training and trade. Under the initiative of one belt and one road, the company actively integrates resources and devotes to the coming-in and the going-out of high-quality resources at home and abroad, and to promote the outgoing level of agricultural enterprises in our province 
              AHBTC aims to be an international bio- agricultural enterprise with sustainable development capability.


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          版權所有 安徽華韻生物科技有限公司 皖ICP備19017990號-1
          公司地址:安徽肥西經濟開發區長古西路 聯系電話:0551-62565026 郵箱:huayuncn@126.com 網址:www.rpz2.com
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